• Two-shouldered carriers are ergonomically correct and can be worn comfortably for hours

  • Designed for babies through toddlers (12-40 lbs.)

  • Front, hip, and back carries

  • Multiple ways to tie your shoulder and waist straps for a personal fit

  • Sleep hood can be tucked inside or used during a nap. You'll also love it during sudden rain showers or windy days, unexpectedly cold walks, as an impromptu sun shade, etc.

  • Babywearing frees a caregiver's hand for a million tasks while allowing baby to feel safe and cared for

  • Easier to learn to use than wraparound carriers but because of the extra wide straps, you can securely swaddle your child and distribute the weight comfortably over your back, shoulders, and hips

Welter Weight MeH dai (mei Tai)

Our welter weight baby carriers are easy-to-use reversible meh dais (mei tais) with super-wide linen wrapping straps and our most popular features.

Basic Collection

These are simple in function, but intricate in their beauty and design. At least that's our opinion. You'll love your new welter weight mei tai featuring a reversible body made from Irish linen and fantastic, stylish, high end prints on decor weight canvas or similar.

Premium Collection

A one of a kind welter-weight (wide linen strap) meh dai (mei tai) carrier featuring applique, embroidery, hand painted dye work, or other extraordinary embellishment. 

Custom Collection

A little slice of heaven. Send in your own length of suitable fabric for a feature body and hood panel. Choose the color for your shoulder straps, waist tie, and the reverse linen body panel. Fully outfitted with knee pads, adjustable hood, and internal linen layer.

What will I be wearing?

  • knee pads

  • adjustable hood

  • contoured body and hood to promote air-flow

  • 70" 1-piece waist belt *firmly padded and quilted center with lightly padded ties*

  • seat darts for easier seating and a more comfortable ride

  • super-wide shoulder straps made from lightweight linen

  • padded shoulders for long-wearing comfort

  • improved precision-rolled hem are softer and more supple

  • internal and integral shoulder and waist reinforcement

  • extra wide seam allowances and extra lines of stitching in weight bearing areas.