ObiMama Herself: Jen Phillips

Even before my first child arrived I was powerfully drawn to babywearing, and absorbed every piece of information I could find. Babywearing seemed right and natural, but to also have the use of my hands as I kept my son close won me over completely. I'll never forget the first thing I did the first time I used a sling: ate a sandwich with both hands. Heaven.

I soon began to make my own baby carriers. They drew me closer to my children, and also connected me deeply with a rich tradition of crafting handmade, personal baby carriers for loved ones. Several sleepless nights gave me a vision of the perfect mei tai, with refinements and details I needed for a hot climate, growing children, an active lifestyle, and a strong desire for personal expression.

I want to make you a baby carrier that you love, and I want you to use it and enjoy it and make babywearing a part of your story. Thank you so much for buying ObiMamas for your lovely children–you make such a difference in your own families and in ours!