Is babywearing safe?

Yes! The safest place for a baby is with his caregiver. Held babies cry less, learn more, and enjoy overall health benefits when compared to babies who spend large amounts of their day in nursery equipment. All babies need and want to be held, a sling is a wonderfully pleasant way to do it. You cannot spoil a baby, and keeping her close to you while retaining your own independence and mobility is healthy for both of you!

At what age can I wear my baby?

You can wear a baby from day one up until they get too heavy for you, or about four years old, depending. Most people find that a 35 lb. child is too heavy to carry for any significant amount of time. ObiMamas are designed to be used for babies weighing about 12-40 pounds.

Why does my baby cry when I try to wear her?

All babies are different, and they change so quickly so keep trying! If you are feeling flustered, frowny, and frustrated, your baby might be responding to that. Often adjusting the position, fixing a pressure point, or some confident swaying is all baby needs to settle down. If all else fails go for a walk—the movement and distraction works wonders.

Can I wear my baby facing out?

At some point baby will become more interested in what’s happening around her and will need a better vantage point. A hip carry or high back carry are great options when using your ObiMama. Babies can easily become over-stimulated and frequently check a caregiver’s face for cues and reassurance. A baby worn on your front facing out often has no safe place to retreat when needed, make sure to check in with your child's cues. This can also be an awkward position ergonomically speaking, and can throw off the caregiver’s center of gravity and fatigue the back. ObiMama mei tais are not designed to be used as facing-out carriers.

Can dads wear these?

Absolutley! Children need their fathers too. Dads can learn to sling as easily as moms, and ObiMama offers many gender neutral options.

Where can I learn more about babywearing?

The Baby is an excellent resource. Every question you have about babywearing can be answered here. Log in to access the information in the forums.

Are these carriers machine washable?

Yes! Spot treating will probably be all you need to do in most cases, but sometimes you just gotta wash the whole thing. If hand washing is not an option, then wash your carrier on a cold, gentle cycle with like colors or alone. Tumble dry gentle, or lay flat to dry. You can place your carrier in a pillow case or mesh bag before washing to prevent it from becoming tangled with other items. As with any article, the more it is washed and dried, the more wear and tear it will show. This is normal.

Are these carriers comfortable?

Yes! Comfort and versatility are ObiMama’s priorities. ObiMama mei tais are created with many thoughtful features that make them exceptionally comfortable for both pilot and passenger, and all ObiMama mei tais are made of responsibly sourced natural fabrics to make your conscience comfortable, too. If you’re finding pressure points or digging, spread the fabric out wider, or play with some adjustments. All bodies are different, find what works for you.

Are these carriers safe?

Yes! ObiMama is compliant with all mandatory US regulations and then some. ObiMama baby carriers are built one at a time on professional equipment with multiple, individual lines of stitching and extra wide seam allowances at all weight bearing areas. Mei tais are an ancient Chinese baby carrier, a simple and comfortable concept that has stood the test of time.

I am interested in a custom WCMT, what do I need to know?

Great! We love to make custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais (WCMT). There are a ton of great choices to make, so dive right in. Start here, on the custom carrier product page. The custom carrier process even has its own FAQ! Want to delve a little deeper? Go to this page to look through order forms and start planning your custom carrier!

How do I get a custom carrier?

At this time all carries are made one at a time by myself and a few assistants. The number of slots available will depend on our schedule. They are typically stocked on the first of the month, and the wrap and order form are due in Roanoke, VA 8 weeks after that date. If you are dreaming of your future Obi, don’t miss the customization pages for specific details. We also occasionally make in-stock and semi-custom carriers.

What size is right for me and my baby?

Depending on a number of variables, a stage 1 is best for babies from 3 months to about 18 months. A stage 2 fits from about 9 months up to about 3 years. A stage 3 fits bigger kids from about 2 years up to 40 pounds. Variables can include your child's proportions, hip flexibility, a preference to be arms in or out, your tying preferences, even the size of your child's diaper! As for strap lengths, most average figured adults fit into the medium straps nicely, but if you're large and tall, or petite and short, we have you covered too! This page goes into the specifics.

How does an ObiMama perform in the summer?

ObiMama mei tais, especially our welter weights, are made with hot weather as a determining factor. Performance fabrics, ventilating contours, and a stripped down profile are signature features. Choosing a carrier can sometimes be about weighing pros and cons; an ObiMama balances comfort, versatility, and functionality to keep you and baby together year-round.

What is your return policy?

We give returns on in-stock carriers in a like-new condition with all packaging materials within 15 days, not including shipping charges. There will be a 15% restocking fee deducted from your refund. We cannot give returns on custom or modified items.

Do you have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Nope. But we do have 100% satisfied customers. A custom conversion works on a basis of trust. Your trust that I am going to make your carrier to the best of my ability, and I trust that you will pay the balance of your fee once the custom is complete. ObiMama reserves all rights, and will deal with bill disputes or non-payment on a case by case basis.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship USPS on weekdays. We do not ship carriers on Saturday or Sunday or holidays. In most cases, your purchase will be shipped the following business day.  Tracking numbers will be provided upon request, please mention your city and state during your request.

Can I get overnight shipping?

Yes, on in stock items only. We reserve the right to decline overnight shipping because we are a small, family owned business, but we promise to do our best!

Can I get this gift wrapped?

All our carriers are sealed and wrapped in an outer packaging, and while beautiful they’re not peek-proof. Let us know if you would like a gift card included: it’s our pleasure.

My question wasn't answered here, what do I do?

If this FAQ and the custom carrier FAQ doesn't answer your burning question, just e-mail