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Obimama is the best of the best! Amazing Quality, Professional, Incredible Attention to detail, Beautiful work, Consistent and precise! I can’t say enough good things about every ObiMama WCMT that I have owned! Thanks for making babywearing beautiful and comfy!
— Jennifer Lynn
ObiMamas are the most comfortable, well crafted carrier on the market. I have used ObiMamas for over 3 years now with both a new baby and a preschooler and they make the child feel weightless. ObiMamas are a piece of art that are well worth the investment.
— Emily Peterson
Stunning, unique baby carriers- like wearing art and snuggling your little one (with hands free for other things!). Supportive, easy to learn how to use. Makes back carries much easier than a wrap alone. I have owned more than one and plan to keep my favorite even after baby outgrows it. My nearly 3 y/o still fits comfortably on my back in an Obi.
— Amelia LB S
A flattering comfortable way to carry your baby with any body size. Love ObiMama!
— Jamie Gutierrez

Wow! Can’t get over how comfortable this carrier is! (Rocket Pop WWMT)! Most comfortable back carry I have ever worn, hands down. Seriously, can’t get over this. Thank you so much Jennifer!
— Erika Higgins
The creme de la creme of conversions. Such care, contemplation and craftsmanship goes into each. We are in love with ObiMama.
— Carey Salerno
Search high and low, but you won’t find anything quite as impeccable as an ObiMama. They are THE choice of discerning babywearers everywhere. Jen is a classy and thoughtful artist, plus she’s amazing to work with. The detail and love that goes into each carrier shows what textile art can (should) be. The bar is set high, folks! heart emoticon Get an Obi, and never let it go. You won’t regret it.
— Ashley Lynch
Fantastic carriers. Beautifully made and the design is really well thought out, down to the details. I’m wearing my Obi more than anything else
— Leigh Eros
The holy grail of wrap conversion baby-wearing. Kneeling down and kissing the feet of those craft obi-artisans!
— Kate Hokley
Beautiful one of a kind pieces of babywearing art with excellent quality and craftsmanship!
— Nicole Harris Daniels