ron weasley

D.A. and You

Dumbledore's Army. What started as a underground rebellious club for kids turned into an unstoppable force that returned balance to the battle between good and evil. Be a part of that force. Every handmade mei tai baby carrier shown here is one of a kind and will be for sale in our online store on at random times Friday, February 20, 2015.

Each mei tai has super-wide linen wrapping straps with kombi-folded shoulder padding, a padded and quilted waistband, knee pads, and an adjustable sleep hood. The body is made entirely from Irish linen. The sleep hoods are tailored to resemble official Hogwarts school uniforms with duo-toned robe lapels, white collared shirt with felt buttons, and striped 100% silk house neck tie.

Harry Potter | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

The boy who lived. A short stage 2 is a versatile toddler-sized body. Comes complete with school crest on the lapel.

Hermione Granger | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

Not only was Hermione pretty much the best character in the entire series, she also had style! A short stage 2 is a versatile toddler-sized body. Comes complete with school crest on the lapel and a frog-closure button.

Ron Weasley | Inspired Mei Tai SS1 $350

That Ron, he's a keeper. A short stage 1 is perfect for babies 3-month-old and up.  Comes complete with school crest on the lapel, and plenty of gingery comic relief.

Luna Lovegood | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

She was distinctly dotty, but also smart, loyal, essential, and surprising! A short stage 2 is a long-lasting and versatile body size. No mythical creatures here, this is the real deal.

Neville Longbottom | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

There was more to Neville than we suspected at first, and in the end we wouldn't have gotten far without him. A short stage 2 is versatile, durable, and always grows into something quite handsome.

Griffindor Inspired | ObiMini $50

If you don't teach them, then where are they going to learn it? Raise your children the right way: by giving them attachment parenting toys with over-the-top handmade geekery motifs. Yes, that is a real silk house tie. No, I will not get out.