ObiMama: A Story of Our First Date

So I've been a wrapper for the entirety of my son's life. I've lurked on the buy/sell/trade pages, casually asking people to take pictures of themselves wrapped in fabric and complimenting their chest passes... That looks a lot weirder when written down...

Through my travels from group to group, I stumbled across a hybrid creature- part wrap, part hug. I purchased my first ObiMama after searching for the perfect one made from the perfect wrap. It traveled across the United States from a friend I made through the babywearing world. I stalked and tracked like a crazed woman. It arrived in an abnormally large box, but considering it came from a friend, I figured she probably smuggled some goodies as she usually does. After shredding the box, I find the surprise gift: a bag of southern biscuits. *Whispers* "yassssss." She knows me well!

Now, onto the gold. I pulled out the goods and was immediately in awe of the craftsmanship. It's flawless. Every seam. Every pleat. Every line. I'm convinced Jen is not human. Anywho, moving on! The waistband and neck rest are wonderfully padded for comfort. The wrap used for the conversion, Kokoro Mon Cheri Disco, is swarming with chubby little kawaii cherries. My favorite part? The Kombi straps: Padded to perfection. Accordion style fabric tucked behind. Reminds me of little bat wings to hug your shoulders. I strapped it around my waist and captured my little snowflake. He gave me a slight side eye because... This is different... Holy comfort!

He reached up giggling and stroked my face. He approves of mommy's new contraption. Nestling his head under my chin, I feel him start to breath heavier while twiddling my necklace between his tiny fingers.

This moment is everything.
This moment is brought to you by: ObiMama
- Jessica @jesskawaii


In response to our job post, ObiMama has brought on a team of nine fascinating and inspiring mothers to help us grow with you! With the welcoming of these talented baby wearing ladies, we’ll be innovating more ways to get you more content and have more fun with us. Meet the team!


I'm Adriane. I'm 32 and we are a military family with four children currently in Charlottesville, VA. I like to read, explore, craft and bake. I've been a fan since 2011 and came to ObiMama with my second baby. I was looking for something a little quicker/easier than a wrap that both my husband and I would be comfortable in. I tried just about every carrier on the market at the time. I hated them all and my husband just never felt comfortable in any of my beautiful wraps. ObiMama was the perfect combination of everything I loved about wraps and everything he loved about the SSCs.


Melissa Charpetier.jpg

My name is Melissa. I have a 2 year old son and I am wife to a husband that works 'beyond the wall' up North in Canada (Oh hey, you game of throne fans- I see you)! I spend half the year parenting solo while my husband is away. I balance motherhood while staying true to my artist roots. I'm a freelance illustrator, passionate about babywearing and so thrilled to be a part of the new ObiMama team. My son Ryland is the king of picky and when I finally got my hands on an ObiMama, it was like something clicked for him and we both fell in love hard. I'm excited to share this journey of motherhood, babywearing, and all around geekiness with you, and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.



I'm Colleen. I am a wife, mother to 5 young children, and WAHM in accounting/finance, living up in Alberta, Canada! ObiMama has drawn all my attention because it truly is an exceptional carrier, helping keep the littles stylishly and comfortably close as needed. The charm, wit, and integrity of the brand has me hooked, and I'm honoured to be part of the Team!




I'm Amanda, mother of 5, living in Texas. I am currently actively wearing my 25 month old. He is a seat popping professional and how I found the obi love. ObiMama allowed me to keep the beautiful wraps I was so accustomed to while allowing me the ease and convenience of a more structured carrier. As my babywearing days die down I hope to continue helping other moms with their journeys, very excited to be apart of team obi and for all the amazing things to come!

Jessica Hughes.jpg


My name is Jessica. I’m 28, a mother of 2, and reside in Houston, Texas. I’m a skilled daydreamer. I enjoy art, fashion, and interior decorating. The first time I saw an ObiMama, there was just something about the way it molded to babies perfectly. Almost like they were giving them hugs to let them know they were safe. The lines and symmetry were very appealing: Sleek. Beautiful. A fashion statement. All the while being something so dear to a mother.


Kim Kruse.jpg

I'm Kim, 40 (gulp), and the mom of two boys. We live in Gainesville, FL. I fell in love with ObiMama in 2013 when my eldest and I were learning to babywear. He has a wiggly seat popper, and our Obi saved our babywearing relationship.



My name is Dorothy Joy, often shortened to Dorothy or DJ. I’m 23, married, and a SAHM of two children and two German Shepherds. Our family just left the military and recently moved to Vermont to start our journey as civilians, and work towards our family dream of homesteading. I enjoy languages, literature, and film photography (babywearing being a given), and am currently studying to be a postpartum doula and herbalist. I first stumbled upon ObiMama when I saw the owner of a textile company share her WCMT. I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of ObiMama’s mei tais, and I can’t express enough how incredibly excited I am to be a part of this team!


I'm Kristin. I live in Ohio with my hubby and our 3 year old twins and 5 Month old. I'm a SAHM during the week, and a labor, delivery, postpartum nurse some weekends! I stumbled into obi's about 2 years ago with a vice versa Cuervo obi that was the magic sleepy dust that never failed to put my daughter to sleep. They're still holding true for me with my new baby, letting him nap and me be comfortable while wearing him!



I'm Sara, 27, and from Virginia. I have 2 littles with one on the way. I fell in love with Obi shortly after having my first. The attention to detail is unmatched. The perfect combination of ease of use and versatility makes it my go to carrier. I'm beyond excited to be a part of Team Obi.

D.A. and You

Dumbledore's Army. What started as a underground rebellious club for kids turned into an unstoppable force that returned balance to the battle between good and evil. Be a part of that force. Every handmade mei tai baby carrier shown here is one of a kind and will be for sale in our online store on at random times Friday, February 20, 2015.

Each mei tai has super-wide linen wrapping straps with kombi-folded shoulder padding, a padded and quilted waistband, knee pads, and an adjustable sleep hood. The body is made entirely from Irish linen. The sleep hoods are tailored to resemble official Hogwarts school uniforms with duo-toned robe lapels, white collared shirt with felt buttons, and striped 100% silk house neck tie.

Harry Potter | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

The boy who lived. A short stage 2 is a versatile toddler-sized body. Comes complete with school crest on the lapel.

Hermione Granger | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

Not only was Hermione pretty much the best character in the entire series, she also had style! A short stage 2 is a versatile toddler-sized body. Comes complete with school crest on the lapel and a frog-closure button.

Ron Weasley | Inspired Mei Tai SS1 $350

That Ron, he's a keeper. A short stage 1 is perfect for babies 3-month-old and up.  Comes complete with school crest on the lapel, and plenty of gingery comic relief.

Luna Lovegood | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

She was distinctly dotty, but also smart, loyal, essential, and surprising! A short stage 2 is a long-lasting and versatile body size. No mythical creatures here, this is the real deal.

Neville Longbottom | Inspired Mei Tai SS2 $350

There was more to Neville than we suspected at first, and in the end we wouldn't have gotten far without him. A short stage 2 is versatile, durable, and always grows into something quite handsome.

Griffindor Inspired | ObiMini $50

If you don't teach them, then where are they going to learn it? Raise your children the right way: by giving them attachment parenting toys with over-the-top handmade geekery motifs. Yes, that is a real silk house tie. No, I will not get out.

Dr. Who #4 and #11 Handmade Mei Tais


The Doctor. Who? THE Doctor. If you are a fan, a real fan, a true fan, then these carriers need no introduction. For all the rest of you humans, just enjoy the eye candy.

Everything you see here will be fore sale in our store on Friday, 2/6/2015. If you are able to use the TARDIS at any point, don't worry about stalking the stocking. Normal people will need to be a bit more on point.

Number Four, arguably the best Doctor ever (and please, let's do have this argument), memorialized in baby carrier form. Because Dr. Who.
His signature scarf (the best souvenir ever, created here entirely in wrap scraps), CHECK. Jaunty cravat? CHECK. The rest is all done in natural, un-dyed linen.

On the reverse: Number Eleven. Notice the details, please. Real woolen bow tie. Real woolen tweeds. Braces. For heaven's sake, this baby carrier has braces (that's suspenders for you Yanks--believe me, I've made that mistake!). Oxford cloth shirting, with buttons done in soft felt.

Regeneration | SS2 $350

short stage 2, the toddler size. Medium linen wrapping straps with padded shoulders. Medium tie waist. Reversible Irish linen body. Knee pads. Adjustable hood with double character treatment. Hand wash only.

Regeneration | SS1 $350

short stage 1, the baby size. Medium linen wrapping straps with padded shoulders. Medium tie waist. Reversible Irish linen body. Knee pads. Adjustable hood with double character treatment. Hand wash only.

Dr. Who ObiMini | $45

If you don't teach them, then where are they going to learn it? Raise your children the right way: by giving them attachment parenting toys with over-the-top handmade geekery motifs.

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