Light as a feather - Half Buckle Review

Nothing beats waking up to read a glowing and succinct review left by a customer. That happened the other day, true story! It made us so happy, and was so informative, that we decided to share it here.  With permission from Laura, please enjoy the following review on her custom half buckle ObiMama.

"My amazing obi is here! This is AP Edgar Petrolio ss2 size buckle waist standard specs.
A few comments:
1). This buckle waist is da bomb. It's fast and crazy secure. The shelf created by the fabric at the waist is essentially where the toddler is sitting and it's solid. The buckle is also a very large high quality buckle with wide strapping; it's the largest and widest I've seen. This makes it very comfy on my tummy.
2). Added benefit of buckle waist is that it's not messing up my clothes as much. I place the carrier where I want it on my body and my clothes and just click it closed. When the carrier is in place my shirt is right where I wanted it and not a tangled mess.
3). SS2 really is a big size! This is my 40lb 33 month old (t5 clothes) and it's the right size! I also had my 1 year old in it earlier and it fit him but barely as the carrier is really quite large.
4). The choice of wrap you convert really matters. I didn't appreciate this before. This wrap is fluffy and grippy and toddler worthy and just as those things made it an awesome toddler wrap they make an awesome toddler carrier. This is comfortable and really makes the toddler weightless especially as this is a 'three pass' carry job. This is the most comfortable I've ever been carrying my toddler.
5). The thing about obi is the quality and artistry. These carriers are sewn with precision that exceeds even factory standards. Every stitch is just perfect and in case my complicated beastly blend wrap provided Jen with any challenges, you can't tell in the end product. And the artistry! What you can't see (maybe) is the gorgeous minimalist etching Jen has done on one of the feathers just to give it added visual interest and beautiful detailing. There are matching Edgar feathers as well to finish the package (not shown)."

Thank you so very much for taking the time to write out your thoughts and sharing with us.  It will undoubtedly help others in the custom process make their decisions.  If you have an ObiMama carrier and would like to leave a review (with the opportunity to be featured on the blog here) you can post them in House ObiMama on facebook, or email them to, use use this handy form here on this website!