Style My ObiMama: Mermaid Lounging

Some days you just got to lounge around mermaid style.
Featuring: Banu Textiles' Farideh "Sea and Sky"

1. Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost. This is my go to moisturizer. Not only does is smell very similar to a fruity breakfast cereal, it's also extremely soothing. Gel like consistency as opposed to cream so if you lean more on the greasy skin this one is perfect for you.
2. Snail Hydro Gel Mask. I know I may be getting some disgusted looks but snail gel is life. I'm a HUGE fan of Korean beauty products and snail gel products are close to the top in my favorites. This mask is healing and moisturizing. So throw it on for some healing feels.
3. "Traded My Tail for Tacos" shirt. Tacos and mermaids, need I say more?
4. Mermaid Vibes mug. If you're a collector of #allthecoffeecups like me, this is a must have and reminder to feel like a sea goddess.
5. Knitted Mermaid Tail blanket. Yes. This is real. The closest thing to mermaidness you can get. AND you don't have to leave the couch .
6. Lush' Ocean Salt body scrub. Lush is my go to for bath products. This vodka coconut concoction is the perfect scrub for body and occasionally face. The smell alone is delicious.
7. H&M Nagellack nail polish in Nocturne. Mermaid finger yesssss.
8. Mermaid Mane hair spray. Doing my hair is not usually on my must do list daily. This spray is a go to for a quick wavy beach look without having to do much.