Style My ObiMama: Coco Chanel ObiMama

Kokoro Textiles Coco Raven. 100% organic cotton goodness. This wrap is classy and modern with beautiful lines layered with the iconic camellia loved by Coco Chanel.

1. KUU Women's Floppy Sun Hat. When it comes to hats, I choose the most fashionable + the cheapest. Because, let's be honest- with a baby on your back, it will probably end up on the ground a few times.
2. Aldo Sunglasses. Along with hats, my sunglasses are another thing my kids love to throw on the ground. These are stylish and cheap, so grab a few!
3. OASAP Bowknot Deco Chiffon Blouse. Simple and sweet, and can easily be dressed up or down. Love this top!
4. Handbag Teether. Adorable and fashionable, this little teether is popular among all the babes.
5. Jujube BFF First Lady. I can't rave enough about Jujube diaper bags. There are endless pockets and storage for all the things. Oh, and they come in any color or pattern you can dream of!
6. M&Co Twill Trousers. Skinny pants are my life outside of leggings. These are adorable and come in a few fun, Summer colors.
7. H&M Lacing Ballet Flats. You can never have too many black flats!
8. Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint. Tarte lip paint is creeping up as one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. Vegan and cruelty free, this lipstick is a must have!

- Jessica