Laundry and Folding, with ObiMama

So, babies, they are ever so adorable, and sooooo full of spit. And now you’ve got spit (or chocolate or lollipop stickiness or peanut butter, or whatever’s your jam <----- see what I did there?) on your ObiMama.  Now what? How do you wash it carefully?
The first step would be to consult the washing instructions for the wrap your ObiMama is converted from.  For example, mine is Ankalia Icarus Mariana, 100% cotton. According to the wrap instructions, I would wash cold and tumble dry low. The additional ObiMama tags says hand wash cold and dry flat.  Because my machine is front loading and has a hand wash cycle, I’m cool with that.  If you have top loading machine with an agitator, perhaps you will prefer to handwash. Or another option that keeps the straps from getting into trouble: put your carrier into a mesh laundry bag and throw it in the wash! In regards to soap, try go with a soap that is free from optical brighteners, those brighteners are not kind to your carrier! For SUPER stubborn marks, try a teensy tiny bit of Blue Dawn Dishsoap!

That bath sure looks like fun!

That bath sure looks like fun!

Next step, the one that requires the patience parenthood instills in us all, waiting for your Obi to dry. You could lay it flat if you have the room to leave it for the necessary time.  You could also line dry it, which may leave some temporary indentations from the line/clothes pins.  Another option, depending on your wrap fabric of course, could be to pop it into the dryer with no or low heat and some dryer balls.
Now, you have a beautiful clean ObiMama, dry as toast. Go ahead and wrap your child again. Repeat the spit/spill cycle.

I like airing out this laundry :)

I like airing out this laundry :)

But wait!! You want to pretend to get your ObiMama brand new again? You can do this! Keep reading and learn how to fold your ObiMama just like it comes brand new. Sounds impossible, but this feat is within reach! Check it out:
Step one: Grab a bevy (Wine? Beer? Cola? Cucumber flavoured water? Kombucha? whatever makes your feel fancy!), pull out that ironing board, and warm your iron up to low/medium (again, consult your wrap for the proper temperatures). 
Step two: Iron out your shoulder and waist straps. Watch the pleats! You have two choices here: iron the pleats to get sharp creases like you did with your slacks in the 80s -OR- ease the iron around the pleats so the focus is on making your waist tie smooth. Pro tip, avoid ironing crisp pleats into your linen and hemp blend fabrics to preserve the lifespan of those fibers.

Now that you have a smooth as new ObiMama, we are ready to get to the folding!


Step three: Follow the photos as shown below, and you will have a wonderful ObiMama roll, almost as good as straight from HeadQuarters!

1. Lay out your ObiMama, sit back (maybe toss in a sigh of delight), and admire the handiwork of the conversion queen before you move on
2. Fold the shoulder strap down
3. Take the strap and fold it across
4. Keep folding the strap across the body until you have reached the end of the tail.


5. Repeat 1-4 with the opposite shoulder strap
6. Fold one waist strap across the body in the same way as the shoulder straps
7. Repeat with the opposite waist strap. Now you should have just the body panel and hood laid out.

8. Fold in the waist band with both hands
9. Using both hands, roll the waist band up, smoothing the carrier as you go
10. You should now have rolled all the way through to the hood. Either tuck the hood ties into the roll or tie them in a loose knot. 

You now have a beautiful ObiMama roll, *almost* like brand new! NO ONE can do it quite like ObiMama can, though! The process is much the same for welter weight conversions as well.  Enjoy!

Still have a burning question? You're probably not alone. Ask in the comments section, the Laundry PhD. will be along shortly.