Style My ObiMama: Farmer's Market

ObiMama At The Farmers Market, rocking none other than the unicorn- Pavo Klee. These are a few of my favorite and functional things to take along to the farmers market.

1. Moonrise Creek Cosmetics. Beautiful handmade cosmetics and other goodies. Made in small batches with wonderful scents and attention to detail.

2. Pons Avarcas. Adorable and comfortable sandals for the family.

3. Silver Seedling jewelry. Stunning, handcrafted silver jewelry with an earthy feel and lovely stone accents.

4. The Vinyl Girl water bottle. Customized water bottles to beat the heat or throw some vinyl on anything else your little heart desires.

5. Ankalia Todo bag. I could fit my life in these bags. Holds everything you need and then some. Lightweight and something to cherish after your babywearing days are coming to a halt. Made from Ankalia woven wraps.

6. Stella and Wilbur bonnet. Keep the sun of those sweet baby heads with these precious bonnets.

7. Pyne and Smith linen dress. I live for these dresses. Light linen, fashion and comfort.