Babywearing for all weather

The seasons are changing and the weather is getting warmer, or cooler - depending on what corner of this beautiful planet you call Home.  So what's a babywearing Mama or Papa to do with these changes, whilst maintaining comfort we enjoy with our ObiMama carriers?  Chill! (I can't resist a good pun!) We have compiled a list of tried and true tips and recommendations applicable for all.

Hot Weather Wearing:

-Dress light, in as few layers as possible.
-Use some form of sun protection. Don’t forget the top of your child’s knees and feet.
-Alternative to sunblock lotions: dress your child in single layer of UV clothing.
-Put a hat on your child. Tip: It can be really tricky to put a hat on during a back carry, so try opt for one with a chin strap so your child cannot remove it.
-If your child struggles with a hat you can wear a very wide brimmed hat yourself, to cast some shade on your child.
-If your carrier has a lighter side, wear that one out. Lighter colors are cooler than darker colors in the sunlight.
-Be attentive to your child. If the weather is severely hot, wear for short periods only.
-Stay hydrated, both of you!
-Expect to be sweaty! It comes with the territory.
-If you have choices, choose a lighter weight carrier. An ObiMama Welter Weight mei tai carrier is fantastic in high heat with its airy linen straps! ObiMamas were purposefully designed with an hourglass body shape, which allows for more airflow and evaporation through the sides.

Cold Weather Wearing:

-Don’t over dress your child. Remember the carrier counts as a layer!
-Keep a warm hat on your child. Again, a chin strap is ideal to keep it from being thrown.
-A child's pant legs often pull up when worn, so having leggings or leg warmers on will keep your child's skin from being exposed to the cold.
- It can be tempting to dress your child in pajamas with feet. If you do, please be aware of the pressure this can place on your child's toes. If you go this route, sizing up pj's can eliminate this issue. 
- For a hands-out child, consider some mittens.
-To reiterate: focus on dressing the parts of your child that will be exposed (head/lower legs/hands).
-Babywearing sweaters and coats are a great investment, they work great at sharing body heat with optimal comfort.
-If a babywearing sweater or coat is not in the picture, then an oversized sweater or coat can work well too, with minimal adjustment.
-Sometimes it's not practical to babywear under your coat (for example: from the parking lot to the store, etc). If you are babywearing over top of your winter coat, take extra super care with the bulky and often slippery nature of winter gear.

Follow these tips and you can keep them close, comfortably, all year round!
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Stay warm, or cool!