ObiMama: A Story of Our First Date

So I've been a wrapper for the entirety of my son's life. I've lurked on the buy/sell/trade pages, casually asking people to take pictures of themselves wrapped in fabric and complimenting their chest passes... That looks a lot weirder when written down...

Through my travels from group to group, I stumbled across a hybrid creature- part wrap, part hug. I purchased my first ObiMama after searching for the perfect one made from the perfect wrap. It traveled across the United States from a friend I made through the babywearing world. I stalked and tracked like a crazed woman. It arrived in an abnormally large box, but considering it came from a friend, I figured she probably smuggled some goodies as she usually does. After shredding the box, I find the surprise gift: a bag of southern biscuits. *Whispers* "yassssss." She knows me well!

Now, onto the gold. I pulled out the goods and was immediately in awe of the craftsmanship. It's flawless. Every seam. Every pleat. Every line. I'm convinced Jen is not human. Anywho, moving on! The waistband and neck rest are wonderfully padded for comfort. The wrap used for the conversion, Kokoro Mon Cheri Disco, is swarming with chubby little kawaii cherries. My favorite part? The Kombi straps: Padded to perfection. Accordion style fabric tucked behind. Reminds me of little bat wings to hug your shoulders. I strapped it around my waist and captured my little snowflake. He gave me a slight side eye because... This is different... Holy comfort!

He reached up giggling and stroked my face. He approves of mommy's new contraption. Nestling his head under my chin, I feel him start to breath heavier while twiddling my necklace between his tiny fingers.

This moment is everything.
This moment is brought to you by: ObiMama
- Jessica @jesskawaii


In response to our job post, ObiMama has brought on a team of nine fascinating and inspiring mothers to help us grow with you! With the welcoming of these talented baby wearing ladies, we’ll be innovating more ways to get you more content and have more fun with us. Meet the team!


I'm Adriane. I'm 32 and we are a military family with four children currently in Charlottesville, VA. I like to read, explore, craft and bake. I've been a fan since 2011 and came to ObiMama with my second baby. I was looking for something a little quicker/easier than a wrap that both my husband and I would be comfortable in. I tried just about every carrier on the market at the time. I hated them all and my husband just never felt comfortable in any of my beautiful wraps. ObiMama was the perfect combination of everything I loved about wraps and everything he loved about the SSCs.


Melissa Charpetier.jpg

My name is Melissa. I have a 2 year old son and I am wife to a husband that works 'beyond the wall' up North in Canada (Oh hey, you game of throne fans- I see you)! I spend half the year parenting solo while my husband is away. I balance motherhood while staying true to my artist roots. I'm a freelance illustrator, passionate about babywearing and so thrilled to be a part of the new ObiMama team. My son Ryland is the king of picky and when I finally got my hands on an ObiMama, it was like something clicked for him and we both fell in love hard. I'm excited to share this journey of motherhood, babywearing, and all around geekiness with you, and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.



I'm Colleen. I am a wife, mother to 5 young children, and WAHM in accounting/finance, living up in Alberta, Canada! ObiMama has drawn all my attention because it truly is an exceptional carrier, helping keep the littles stylishly and comfortably close as needed. The charm, wit, and integrity of the brand has me hooked, and I'm honoured to be part of the Team!




I'm Amanda, mother of 5, living in Texas. I am currently actively wearing my 25 month old. He is a seat popping professional and how I found the obi love. ObiMama allowed me to keep the beautiful wraps I was so accustomed to while allowing me the ease and convenience of a more structured carrier. As my babywearing days die down I hope to continue helping other moms with their journeys, very excited to be apart of team obi and for all the amazing things to come!

Jessica Hughes.jpg


My name is Jessica. I’m 28, a mother of 2, and reside in Houston, Texas. I’m a skilled daydreamer. I enjoy art, fashion, and interior decorating. The first time I saw an ObiMama, there was just something about the way it molded to babies perfectly. Almost like they were giving them hugs to let them know they were safe. The lines and symmetry were very appealing: Sleek. Beautiful. A fashion statement. All the while being something so dear to a mother.


Kim Kruse.jpg

I'm Kim, 40 (gulp), and the mom of two boys. We live in Gainesville, FL. I fell in love with ObiMama in 2013 when my eldest and I were learning to babywear. He has a wiggly seat popper, and our Obi saved our babywearing relationship.



My name is Dorothy Joy, often shortened to Dorothy or DJ. I’m 23, married, and a SAHM of two children and two German Shepherds. Our family just left the military and recently moved to Vermont to start our journey as civilians, and work towards our family dream of homesteading. I enjoy languages, literature, and film photography (babywearing being a given), and am currently studying to be a postpartum doula and herbalist. I first stumbled upon ObiMama when I saw the owner of a textile company share her WCMT. I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of ObiMama’s mei tais, and I can’t express enough how incredibly excited I am to be a part of this team!


I'm Kristin. I live in Ohio with my hubby and our 3 year old twins and 5 Month old. I'm a SAHM during the week, and a labor, delivery, postpartum nurse some weekends! I stumbled into obi's about 2 years ago with a vice versa Cuervo obi that was the magic sleepy dust that never failed to put my daughter to sleep. They're still holding true for me with my new baby, letting him nap and me be comfortable while wearing him!



I'm Sara, 27, and from Virginia. I have 2 littles with one on the way. I fell in love with Obi shortly after having my first. The attention to detail is unmatched. The perfect combination of ease of use and versatility makes it my go to carrier. I'm beyond excited to be a part of Team Obi.

September's Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

Each month I get delightful packages in the mail. They are filled with sweet notes, treats, amazing coffees, and the world's prettiest wraps. Here's the wrap conversion mei tais we made in the month of September, in no particular order.

August's Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

Every Custom ObiMama mei tai is now safe and snug at home, hopefully working hard and keeping all the babies happy. My clients send me the best wraps they can get their hands on--aren't these beautiful?

August and September's Custom Welter Weight Mei Tais

I think we're making the best baby carriers on the planet. Just really smashing. Here's the magic that happened at the end of summer.

June and July's Custom Welter Weight Mei Tais

Your next opportunity to buy a custom slot is August 21, 2015.

ObiMama Welter Weight Mei Tais (WWMT) are so much fun because we have so much latitude! WWMT are where we can really creative with embroideries, embellishments, character treatments, and tons of different kinds of fabric and prints. Below you'll find albums of every WWMT completed in the months of June and July. Look at each one and see how different they are! As folks start to send me their fabric and order forms and I start to visualize the finished product, I cannot help but admire how different each of us are, and how unique our babywearing story. And yet here is a carrier that unites us all.  Isn't the world a marvelous place? 

B'Obi Fett

Everyone knows Boba Fett was the coolest character in Star Wars, obviously, but few will be able to articulate why that is. 

Autumn Leaves

Who doesn't have fond memories of watching trees turn golden and scarlet? Of crunching through piles of dry, fallen leaves and smelling the new crisp fall air? The kid who rides in this Obi is going to have a head start on all the rest of 'em, because if you think you're sentimental about seasons, you've got another think coming.

WW Black Fern

I love what they're doing with handwoven textiles these days, and I really love the way the pin tucked hood compliments the fern pattern in the wrap fabric.

Natibaby Dinos

Let us know which is your favorite dinosaur and we will get you that dinosaur!

Okinami Morgan with ObiMini

Because this WWMT is heading to an international destination, we were able to use both sides of the wrap for two different looks! Plus ObiMini, because ObiMini.

Pavo Swallowtail

You can't go wrong with Pavos.

Six Little Monkeys Handwoven

I'm VERY proud of what Lisa has done with these bending pin tucks--quite difficult to execute so skillfully!

Vaquero Gatsby

Vaquero, now Butterfly Baby, is making some very unusual wrap. Love to work with these!

Lumberjack Special

One person saw this flannel Obi and told me it was her husband's dream carrier. I dig it.

Meditation Chakras

Each Chakra as been painstakingly free motion embroidered. They take forever, but they are awesome! Presented here in traditional meditation order, with special order red linen straps and reversed by a Girasol Fire.


This wrap has a lot to say, and we worked hard to tease out the best parts. One side features the beautiful castle, and there wasn't room for much else. We could not, would not, pass up the opportunity to show the young girl riding the unicorn--you'll find her on the back.

Grande Okinami Evie

Bells, whistles, cherries and sugar on top. Oscha's Okinami Evie. with a neck roll, continuum waistband, feather charms, plus a matching ObiMini. As a surprise, we added the feather charms on the mini as well. Matching means matching, this is not a game

July's Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

July gets hot in my little attic studio, and speaking of hot--check out these awesome custom carriers. Hot hot hot.


June's Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

The ObiMama Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai. Also known as the cadillac of carriers. Your next opportunity to buy a custom slot and create your own personal mei tai is July 17, 2015. In the meantime, browse these photos and explore the possibilities.



This is something Goonies never do. I'd like to know what the Goonies would say if they came upon a 100 yard Kraken in their backyard. Those guys would run away screaming. That's all they do, just run and scream.

But I digress....

There are clients, and then there are patrons. This carrier is on its way to the latter. What are you looking at? Let me explain. No, explaining takes too long, let me summarize. Haystack rock as seen from the same vantage point that One Eyed Willie and the Goonies observed it from. Only this time a Kraken is rising up from the waves around it. Oh dear. On the waistband is the PDX carpet pattern. Google it, that's what I had to do.

If you think about it too hard it won't make any sense, you just have to relax and blurrrr your eyes a little bit. Take a deep breath in, let it out halfway, and think about a nice smell. Nowwwww you're getting it.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
Girasol Luscious Rainbow
Drastically different looks on either side of this reversible me tai.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Oscha Slings Raja Morgan

A tricky wrap to cut, but I managed to get a matching hood/body combo on both sides of this carrier, with just a tiny bit of scrap left over to prove how close it all really was.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Oscha Slings Rei Noosa

Decadently color drenched, this mei tai is for a long time fan.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Oscha Slings Okinami Noosa

I spent some time at Noosa beach near the Whitsunday Islands. We didn't get waves like this, but the sunsets are reminiscent of these colors. Such a beautiful gradation.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

KoKaDi Erma in Wunderland

Another tricky wrap to cut because of the enormous repeat, but i love how it turned out, especially because each side is so different. Normally I would have shown the wrong side of the wrap on the other side of the carrier, but in this case the client wanted to emphasize the blue.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Artipoppe Two Bird Lagoon

Made for a very special client and a passionate fan, it was an honor to create something special for her. Especially because she requested a waist tattoo: a little hot pink heart to symbolize ObiLove.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Clementine Handwoven, "Bloom"

This was so fun to see come together, the Ikat effect from the specialty dye job on these yarns yielded some fun results.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Uppymama Handwovens, can you name this colorway?

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Artipoppe Argus Forest

Go big or go home. A soft-as-can-be cashmere wrap turned into a soft-as-can-be tall stage 3 ObiMama. Where do I sign up?

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Girasol Double Rainbow Gradation

A new take on an old favorite.

April and May's Custom Welter Weight Mei Tai

The ObiMama Welter Weight Mei Tai. You have almost unlimited options for what fabric you can use on the decorative panel. You get two linen body layers, wide linen wrapping straps with shoulder padding, knee pads, an adjustable hood, and tons of optional upgrades. Your next opportunity to get a WWMT slot is June 19, 2015. Your fabric won’t be due in Roanoke until July 18, and it’s just a $50 deposit with the balance due upon completion.


Girasol Amitola. I want you more every time I see you.

Natibaby Starry Night. We brought the moon for our special client. It's not Starry Night without the moon and the cypress together. Plus feather charms, off-center honeycomb pintucking, and a matching ObiMini!

Dr. Who Exploding Tardis. Spoonflower prints will get you just about anywhere you want to go, but come to ObiMama for the amazing appliques. Matching ObiMini here because matching mini.


Tenth Doctor. In order to be the king of the fans, you need all the right equipment. Check out the details on this one: silk tie just askew, fancy flap on the chest pocket, 100% wool pinstripe suiting, it's all there. TARDIS applique on the reverse. Why yes, that is a glow-in-the-dark light on top, thanks for asking. That placard on the TARDIS is the size of a quarter, and the embroidered working is largely legible!


Meeyoo Tomo, with an upgrade to navy blue linen reverse.


TARDIS Toile. With a Weeping Angel Toile on the reverse of the hood. Because we love babies and want them to sleep well at naptime.


Echino Birds of a Feather. I love Echino prints, they're amazing. Especially the ones that come on the cotton/linen blend. But they are huge, huge prints, so if you send one send 2 yards, because I'll probably need it all in order to get a match on the hood and body (with plenty of scrap leftover for a dozen projects). Here we got a little creative. It's not a perfect match, so just squint and tilt your head a bit.

May's Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

May seems like a long time ago! So many pretty wraps came through the studio in the month of may, and so many pretty wrap conversion mei tais headed out the door to distant and exotic locations. And also not so exotic locations. I wish I had a map with all the Obis on it, I've lost track of the countries they roam!

ObiMama Super Duper Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Made from an ETLA Macarons, this incredible custom carrier features a centered honeycomb style pin tucked hood, a free-motion embroidery dragonfly tattoo, as well as a patch pocket with pin tucked flap. if you see this one walking down the street, stop and say hello!

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Uppymama Precious Earth, a gradation of delicious earth tones. Whenever possible, I like to emphasize the pin striped center panel on Uppymama handwoven wraps. Here you'll find it on the red body panel.

ObiMama Basic Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Made from Uppymama shooting star, with a buckle waist upgrade.

ObiMama Basic Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Uppymama Millie. I am in love with these rich and daring colors.

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Didymos Lavanda Sky Indio, with asymmetrical grid pin tucks. Indios are pretty much the gold standard of the timeless classic--well chosen!

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Two Birds Artipoppe, I don't believe I caught your name. This dreamy cashmere wrap came directly from Ana at Artipoppe, a gift for her sister! Hope she loved it, Ana!

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Nejessa Handwovens, I need to have more of you! Clap your hands and stomp your feet if you agree (just don't wake the baby!).

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Solnce Whenua Waro. Ok, I have to admit I'm proud of the way the geometry revealed itself in the finished piece. Lots of credit due to Solnce here though, this beautiful wide wrap helped with a lot of the hard work.

Obimama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Oscha Okinami Orkney. I had the opportunity to highlight the color along with the pattern on this conversion, with gorgeous results.

ObiMama Basic Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Meeyoo Koru, made for the weavers,  Angel and Cameo at Meeyoo. How come some people get all the best fluff?

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Kokoro Coco Lipstick, made for Rose at Kokoro. Yes, you caught me. I'm just bragging now.

ObiMama Basic Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Girasol Under the Rainbow. Is it me, or does Girasol get better and better?

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Kokoro Mon Cherie. This wrap has no name, but it does have my heart. Made for Kaori Pie at Kokoro. Well beloved Kokoro, it feels like an honor to have you swing by the studio.

ObiMama Basic  Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Girasol Calico Sunshine. Fun Fun FUN!

ObiMama Basic  Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Artipoppe Vishnu Krishna. One of those incredible wooly wraps with a lot of love to give.

ObiMama Premium Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Fairy River Textiles, Mariposa Azalea. The challenge with an intricate handwoven like this one is to get all the parts just where you want them. With laser focus I cut this irreplaceable wrap, and I delight in the final product. Look at that patchwork effect from the back. So cool.

ObiMama Basic  Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Didymos Aqua Pfau. The good ones will be with us forever.

ObiMama Basic  Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

KoKaDi Mustaches. One day we'll look back and think about all the cool mustaches in our early two thousand teens. If you have to ask why it's cool, you just don't get it.

ObiMama Basic  Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Woven Baby, Serenity. Converting this wrap perfected it, if I may say so. When I opened the package a neighbor was over. I made her stop everything and get a lesson on why handmade baby carriers made from handwoven fabric are so much more special than you'd suspect.

ObiMama Premium Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Stewed Rhubarb, Peace Sign. It's hard to find but there's a tactile middle market in the shape of a dove, I was able to squeeze it into the sleep hood at the very top. Would you love to wear this? These are my colors.

April's Custom Wrap Converion Mei Tai

April brought a more than a few delays, but miraculously we were able to complete every April conversion in a reasonable time frame. Halleluiah! As always, ObiMama is blessed and honored each month with gorgeous wraps and lovely clients. Thank you for trusting us with your best fluff. Thank you also for your excitement, your sweet gifts and notes, and those great action shots. Love those!

Woven Wings American Quilt Super Duper ObiMama WCMT

This New Zealand-bound carrier is fully loaded with zen straps, neck roll, knee pads, adjustable hood, ring waist, toy loops, sleep hood loops, tattoo, and even a pocket! This wrap is a-typically narrow, and I had to hold my breath the whole time I was cutting. No margin of error whatsoever! But I got all the pieces, and what's more the hood and body match on both sides!

"Knots in the Wind" Premium Custom ObiMama WCMT

Combines Oscha Coraline Japanese Knots and Oscha Okinami Zen. Lots of custom details on this carrier, including a pieced hood, silver embroidered waves, custom kite charms, charm loops, sleep hood loops, toy loops, zen straps, ring waist, knee pads, neck roll, and adjustable hood.

Oscha Ember Braids Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

This wrap took the long way around the planet before finally making its way to Roanoke, Virginia. A basic wrap conversion, but set apart with a pieced hood and silver embroidery.

Girasol Color Me Happy Azul Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

The trick here was to cut vertical on one side, and horizontal on the other. Success!

Artipoppe Two Birds Atman Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

No, I'll never get tired of working on cashmere wraps. So delicious.

Girasol Tahoe Premium Custom ObiMama WCMT

If you've ever been able to drive into South Lake Tahoe, you'll know the road travels right alongside the shore of this deep, cold, crystalline lake. You've seen the boulders, the pines, the pebbles, and that azure expanse. And I'll bet you had a fantastic time during your stay. Yeah, I feel ya.
Lucky for you and me there is a wrap designed to echo that special place.

Pavo Duet Iron Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

Two different looks, one cool American wrap.

Uppymama Audrey Pink Weft Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

Go pink or go home.

ETLA Macarons Super Duper Custom ObiMama WCMT

I love working on these handwoven wraps. ETLA is a favorite weaver in the US, I was pleased to finally get to work some ObiMagic on one. Zen straps, knee pads, neck roll, adjustable hood, off-center honeycomb pin tucking, tattoos, and just a light sprinkle of sleepy dust.

Pellicano Pastel Rainbow Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

Even though it's just a basic conversion, that gorgeous rainbow and pieced hood panels make this custom carrier into something truly fabulous!

Didymos Flamenco Hemp Indio Basic Custom ObiMama WCMT

Didymos is the Didymost! I love this bold wrap, this strong soft indio, and I know this carrier will be well loved in its new home.

March Custom Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

March was a month of interruptions and delays, but in the end we produced some mighty fine mei tais. Enjoy! If you take an ObiSelfie you'd like to share, please do!

"Black Marley" Basic ObiMama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Made from a combination of a Girasol Marley and a Black Girsol.

"Orient Two Directions" Basic ObiMama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
Made from a Didymos Orient

"Vice Versa in Cream" Basic ObiMama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

"Calico Sunshine" Basic ObiMama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

"Vice Versa Cuervo" Basic ObiMama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai