The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Complete and submit this form to be entered for December's Custom Conversion Stalk Free Pass Drawing. All entries due by 8 am ET, Friday 12/2/16. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Winners will find a reserved listing for their deposit in the ObiMama store, payment is due by 8 am ET Saturday 12/3/16 after which time your name goes on the naughty list and any remaining slots will become available to the public. $60 deposit will be deducted from the total price of the conversion. Fabric and order forms for this round of slots are due in Roanoke, VA by February 1, 2017.

One entry per HOUSEHOLD. Slots are transferable, please note your order number and name given on transaction for your transferee. All entries for custom slots are accepted on good faith. Someone will win this drawing, and it might be you. DO NOT ENTER if you are not going to buy the slot. Because of recent instances of lack of follow though from drawing winners, failure to honor your win will result in being placed in DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION here at ObiMama HQ. This is very serious stuff, folks. 

The time has come for someone to put their foot down, and that FOOT is ME.
— Dean Wormer

Style My ObiMama: The Autumnal Dad

It's Fall y'all . Changing things up a little bit this month to show off some dad style.
Featuring: Artipoppe Vishnu

1. Hollister Patterned Flannel. My husband is a flannel man through and through. 70 degrees = busting out the plaid.
2. Hollister Skinny Corduroy Pants. The perfect khaki? Yes please!
3. Vans Winston Skate Shoes. Vans are the shoes of choice around here. They're not all plain tennis shoes, some are quite dapper.
4. April Plus Autumn Baby Booties. What better way to protect your squishes little feet that these adorable handmade booties?!
5. Black Vintage Cologne. Woodsy, citrus, and floral. This scent just screams fall.
6. NewChic Thermal Scarf. Keep dad's neck warm with this cashmere scarf...then steal it because-cashmere.
7. Vans Latona Beanie. Beanies are totally adorable for the whole family, especially squishy little baby heads.
8. Little Unicorn Marindale Diaper Backpack. As much as I love my Toki Doki bag full of unicorn husband does not. This diaper bag has just the right masculine touch.
9. Rayban Folding Clubmaster Sunnies. Forever and always my favorite. Can't go wrong with Ray Bans.
10. NewChic Silicone Ring. Dad works with his hands and metal rings are a no go? This silicone ring keeps him out of harms way AND doesn't snag wraps .


ObiKalia Semi-Custom WCMT Drawing


Ankalia and ObiMama go together like peas and carrots. I love to partner with this super cool Australian wrap company because the people are great, the designs are amazing, the wraps are gorgeous and flattering, and the Ankalia fans are fun, enthusiastic people! I am excited beyond words about these upcoming semi-custom carriers. There are two semi-customs available in this drawing, so read on to see which one suits you best.....

Etch Atlanta

This wrap was Ankalia's first US exclusive, it made its debut at the International Babywearing Conference in Atlanta, GA in the summer of 2016. This was where Alex and I first met, I got to hand deliver her custom ObiMama made from the same wrap! Alex ordered a premium conversion, with zen straps, tie waist, plus feathers, pintucks, and a few other wizpoppers. She was so excited to receive it, she put it on straight away, and for the rest of the conference it stayed in a prominent place. I was honored! If you have any photos of this from the conference, please share them in the comments!

The wrap is a gorgeous smooth, glossy Tencel and cotton blend. Turquoise pops against navy; this wrap looks good on everyone. The design is random and geometric, and I know you have a favorite element from these fun doodles: if you let me know what yours is I'll try to get it in a prominent place.

Gosling Chambray

This wrap has never been converted into an ObiMama before, but I am so, so excited about it after reading the description from Ankalia. Here it is: Sleek and stylish, Gosling is a sophisticated and somewhat softer take on the geometric designs we know and expect from Ankalia. ......
Medium to medium-thin in hand and with distinct duality Gosling Chambray is like two wraps in one. Featuring a soft navy cotton warp the darker of the two sides is minimalist, with a low amount of texture and grip. Passes glide over one another and are easily tightened. The Chambray side will have texture lovers united. .......
Extra fine merino wool provides a touchable softness while a blended silk/linen yarn adds strength, sheen, grip and that gorgeous texture. Natural slubs, characteristic of silk and linen means that each wrap has its distinct personality. With enough grip to hold passes in place in single layer carries, but thin enough that multilayer carries aren't overwhelming Gosling offers a huge amount of versatility.........
In loom state Gosling Chambray is dry, crisp and beautifully earthy, but upon first wash and wear his softer side starts to show. With minimal wear he softens, and yields. You'll find yourself reaching for Gosling time and time again.

photo courtesy Ankalia

photo courtesy Ankalia

photo courtesy Ankalia

photo courtesy Ankalia

For this semi-custom drawing please fill out the form at the bottom of this post. You may enter for either carrier, but not both. The drawing closes at 11/10 at 9 am ET. One entry per person. The winner will be notified via e-mail, and will have 24 hours to claim the win by paying a non-refundable deposit, and at the same time submit the Size 6 Premium Order Form -OR- the Size 7 Premium Order Form to me via e-mail (PDF or JPEG are suitable formats). This win is transferable to a friend, please notify me ahead of deposit payment. Allow 4-6 weeks to process your order. A premium conversion is normally valued at $600, but a discount is applied to you because it's a SEMI-custom, and I know what I'm working with. When the carrier is complete you will be notified via e-mail, and once the $450 balance (plus any upgrades if applicable) is paid your carrier will ship immediately to you!

With my apologies, these conversions are not available within the US.

Babywearing for all weather

The seasons are changing and the weather is getting warmer, or cooler - depending on what corner of this beautiful planet you call Home.  So what's a babywearing Mama or Papa to do with these changes, whilst maintaining comfort we enjoy with our ObiMama carriers?  Chill! (I can't resist a good pun!) We have compiled a list of tried and true tips and recommendations applicable for all.

Hot Weather Wearing:

-Dress light, in as few layers as possible.
-Use some form of sun protection. Don’t forget the top of your child’s knees and feet.
-Alternative to sunblock lotions: dress your child in single layer of UV clothing.
-Put a hat on your child. Tip: It can be really tricky to put a hat on during a back carry, so try opt for one with a chin strap so your child cannot remove it.
-If your child struggles with a hat you can wear a very wide brimmed hat yourself, to cast some shade on your child.
-If your carrier has a lighter side, wear that one out. Lighter colors are cooler than darker colors in the sunlight.
-Be attentive to your child. If the weather is severely hot, wear for short periods only.
-Stay hydrated, both of you!
-Expect to be sweaty! It comes with the territory.
-If you have choices, choose a lighter weight carrier. An ObiMama Welter Weight mei tai carrier is fantastic in high heat with its airy linen straps! ObiMamas were purposefully designed with an hourglass body shape, which allows for more airflow and evaporation through the sides.

Cold Weather Wearing:

-Don’t over dress your child. Remember the carrier counts as a layer!
-Keep a warm hat on your child. Again, a chin strap is ideal to keep it from being thrown.
-A child's pant legs often pull up when worn, so having leggings or leg warmers on will keep your child's skin from being exposed to the cold.
- It can be tempting to dress your child in pajamas with feet. If you do, please be aware of the pressure this can place on your child's toes. If you go this route, sizing up pj's can eliminate this issue. 
- For a hands-out child, consider some mittens.
-To reiterate: focus on dressing the parts of your child that will be exposed (head/lower legs/hands).
-Babywearing sweaters and coats are a great investment, they work great at sharing body heat with optimal comfort.
-If a babywearing sweater or coat is not in the picture, then an oversized sweater or coat can work well too, with minimal adjustment.
-Sometimes it's not practical to babywear under your coat (for example: from the parking lot to the store, etc). If you are babywearing over top of your winter coat, take extra super care with the bulky and often slippery nature of winter gear.

Follow these tips and you can keep them close, comfortably, all year round!
Show us your hot or cold weather babywearing photos by tagging @jen_obimama on Instagram or #obimama on Facebook.
Stay warm, or cool!




Complete and submit this form to be entered for November's Custom Conversion Stalk Free Pass Drawing. All entries due by 8 am ET, Wednesday 11/2/16. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Winners will find a reserved listing for their deposit in the ObiMama store, payment is due by 8 am ET Thursday 11/3/16 after which time any remaining slots will be available to the public. $60 deposit will be deducted from the total price of the conversion. Fabric and order forms for this round of slots are due in Roanoke, VA by January 1, 2017

One entry per person. Slots are transferable, please note your order number and name given on transaction for your transferee.

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I have read the rules for the SFP, and I have read the custom slot FAQ and ObiMama custom slot description and have looked at the 3 different order forms

Style My ObiMama: Addams Family

This month I'm featuring an Obimama from the new linen line.
Meet "Morticia" and all the things I love to pair with her.

1. This dress channels my inner Wednesday Addams. Peter Pan collars have to be one of the most adorable fashion dos.
2. Halloween Jamberry. Painting your nails is pretty much on the impossible side. As soon as I finish one nail, my toilets could be overflowing and one of my kids need to be picked up, smearing nail paint everywhere I go. Jams are the answer! No smearing and long lasting with adorable patterns.
3. Sterling silver poison ring. I began collecting these rings years ago after finding one in my grandmothers jewelry box. They became popular in Europe during the sixteenth century. The poison ring was used to slip poison to enemy's. Rings like this have been used throughout history to carry perfume, locks of hair, devotional relics, messages and other keepsakes.
4. Metal cat-eared sunglasses. Simple and chic these shades exude kitty fierceness.
5. Rose petal oil. On most days this is my replacement for perfume. I run it through my wet hair and apply as a normal perfume. It lasts the entire day and is completely intoxicating.
6. Milesline platform shoes. Add a few inches and look totally innocent in these Mary Jane platforms.
7. Kat Von D lipstick. I rave about Kat Von D liquid lipstick all the time because it simply is amazing. 100% cruelty free and vegan!
8. Pure Body Dead Sea mud mask. This is one of my weekly masks that I LOVE and is featured on Amazons best sellers list. Noted for its high concentration of sodium and magnesium, mud from the Dead Sea is highly effective against blackheads and other blemishes. It draws out oils and toxins, cleans pores, and leaves your face feeling exfoliated, nourished and clean.

Style My ObiMama: Mermaid Lounging

Some days you just got to lounge around mermaid style.
Featuring: Banu Textiles' Farideh "Sea and Sky"

1. Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost. This is my go to moisturizer. Not only does is smell very similar to a fruity breakfast cereal, it's also extremely soothing. Gel like consistency as opposed to cream so if you lean more on the greasy skin this one is perfect for you.
2. Snail Hydro Gel Mask. I know I may be getting some disgusted looks but snail gel is life. I'm a HUGE fan of Korean beauty products and snail gel products are close to the top in my favorites. This mask is healing and moisturizing. So throw it on for some healing feels.
3. "Traded My Tail for Tacos" shirt. Tacos and mermaids, need I say more?
4. Mermaid Vibes mug. If you're a collector of #allthecoffeecups like me, this is a must have and reminder to feel like a sea goddess.
5. Knitted Mermaid Tail blanket. Yes. This is real. The closest thing to mermaidness you can get. AND you don't have to leave the couch .
6. Lush' Ocean Salt body scrub. Lush is my go to for bath products. This vodka coconut concoction is the perfect scrub for body and occasionally face. The smell alone is delicious.
7. H&M Nagellack nail polish in Nocturne. Mermaid finger yesssss.
8. Mermaid Mane hair spray. Doing my hair is not usually on my must do list daily. This spray is a go to for a quick wavy beach look without having to do much.


Style My ObiMama: Coco Chanel ObiMama

Kokoro Textiles Coco Raven. 100% organic cotton goodness. This wrap is classy and modern with beautiful lines layered with the iconic camellia loved by Coco Chanel.

1. KUU Women's Floppy Sun Hat. When it comes to hats, I choose the most fashionable + the cheapest. Because, let's be honest- with a baby on your back, it will probably end up on the ground a few times.
2. Aldo Sunglasses. Along with hats, my sunglasses are another thing my kids love to throw on the ground. These are stylish and cheap, so grab a few!
3. OASAP Bowknot Deco Chiffon Blouse. Simple and sweet, and can easily be dressed up or down. Love this top!
4. Handbag Teether. Adorable and fashionable, this little teether is popular among all the babes.
5. Jujube BFF First Lady. I can't rave enough about Jujube diaper bags. There are endless pockets and storage for all the things. Oh, and they come in any color or pattern you can dream of!
6. M&Co Twill Trousers. Skinny pants are my life outside of leggings. These are adorable and come in a few fun, Summer colors.
7. H&M Lacing Ballet Flats. You can never have too many black flats!
8. Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint. Tarte lip paint is creeping up as one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. Vegan and cruelty free, this lipstick is a must have!

- Jessica

Design-Your-Own Obi!

Hello lovely ObiMama followers, 

I wanted to share a few free colouring sheets for you to use! I know it can be hard sometimes to put to paper exactly what you want when creating a custom ObiMama. My hope was this might simplify the process by giving you guide to colour in. For those like myself who like to daydream about multiple different wraps mocked up as conversions, this will also be handy for daydreaming and doodling! Happy colouring! Be sure to tag #obimama so we can see your coloured in Obis!

~ Mel

Download full Obi colouring page here.
Download main Obi panel colouring page here.

Laundry and Folding, with ObiMama

So, babies, they are ever so adorable, and sooooo full of spit. And now you’ve got spit (or chocolate or lollipop stickiness or peanut butter, or whatever’s your jam <----- see what I did there?) on your ObiMama.  Now what? How do you wash it carefully?
The first step would be to consult the washing instructions for the wrap your ObiMama is converted from.  For example, mine is Ankalia Icarus Mariana, 100% cotton. According to the wrap instructions, I would wash cold and tumble dry low. The additional ObiMama tags says hand wash cold and dry flat.  Because my machine is front loading and has a hand wash cycle, I’m cool with that.  If you have top loading machine with an agitator, perhaps you will prefer to handwash. Or another option that keeps the straps from getting into trouble: put your carrier into a mesh laundry bag and throw it in the wash! In regards to soap, try go with a soap that is free from optical brighteners, those brighteners are not kind to your carrier! For SUPER stubborn marks, try a teensy tiny bit of Blue Dawn Dishsoap!

That bath sure looks like fun!

That bath sure looks like fun!

Next step, the one that requires the patience parenthood instills in us all, waiting for your Obi to dry. You could lay it flat if you have the room to leave it for the necessary time.  You could also line dry it, which may leave some temporary indentations from the line/clothes pins.  Another option, depending on your wrap fabric of course, could be to pop it into the dryer with no or low heat and some dryer balls.
Now, you have a beautiful clean ObiMama, dry as toast. Go ahead and wrap your child again. Repeat the spit/spill cycle.

I like airing out this laundry :)

I like airing out this laundry :)

But wait!! You want to pretend to get your ObiMama brand new again? You can do this! Keep reading and learn how to fold your ObiMama just like it comes brand new. Sounds impossible, but this feat is within reach! Check it out:
Step one: Grab a bevy (Wine? Beer? Cola? Cucumber flavoured water? Kombucha? whatever makes your feel fancy!), pull out that ironing board, and warm your iron up to low/medium (again, consult your wrap for the proper temperatures). 
Step two: Iron out your shoulder and waist straps. Watch the pleats! You have two choices here: iron the pleats to get sharp creases like you did with your slacks in the 80s -OR- ease the iron around the pleats so the focus is on making your waist tie smooth. Pro tip, avoid ironing crisp pleats into your linen and hemp blend fabrics to preserve the lifespan of those fibers.

Now that you have a smooth as new ObiMama, we are ready to get to the folding!


Step three: Follow the photos as shown below, and you will have a wonderful ObiMama roll, almost as good as straight from HeadQuarters!

1. Lay out your ObiMama, sit back (maybe toss in a sigh of delight), and admire the handiwork of the conversion queen before you move on
2. Fold the shoulder strap down
3. Take the strap and fold it across
4. Keep folding the strap across the body until you have reached the end of the tail.


5. Repeat 1-4 with the opposite shoulder strap
6. Fold one waist strap across the body in the same way as the shoulder straps
7. Repeat with the opposite waist strap. Now you should have just the body panel and hood laid out.

8. Fold in the waist band with both hands
9. Using both hands, roll the waist band up, smoothing the carrier as you go
10. You should now have rolled all the way through to the hood. Either tuck the hood ties into the roll or tie them in a loose knot. 

You now have a beautiful ObiMama roll, *almost* like brand new! NO ONE can do it quite like ObiMama can, though! The process is much the same for welter weight conversions as well.  Enjoy!

Still have a burning question? You're probably not alone. Ask in the comments section, the Laundry PhD. will be along shortly.

Style My ObiMama: Farmer's Market

ObiMama At The Farmers Market, rocking none other than the unicorn- Pavo Klee. These are a few of my favorite and functional things to take along to the farmers market.

1. Moonrise Creek Cosmetics. Beautiful handmade cosmetics and other goodies. Made in small batches with wonderful scents and attention to detail.

2. Pons Avarcas. Adorable and comfortable sandals for the family.

3. Silver Seedling jewelry. Stunning, handcrafted silver jewelry with an earthy feel and lovely stone accents.

4. The Vinyl Girl water bottle. Customized water bottles to beat the heat or throw some vinyl on anything else your little heart desires.

5. Ankalia Todo bag. I could fit my life in these bags. Holds everything you need and then some. Lightweight and something to cherish after your babywearing days are coming to a halt. Made from Ankalia woven wraps.

6. Stella and Wilbur bonnet. Keep the sun of those sweet baby heads with these precious bonnets.

7. Pyne and Smith linen dress. I live for these dresses. Light linen, fashion and comfort.

Stalk Free Pass Drawing


Complete and submit this form to be entered for May's Custom Conversion Stalk Free Pass Drawing. All entries due by 8 am ET, Friday 5/20/16. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Winners will find a reserved listing for their deposit in the ObiMama store, payment is due by 8 am ET Saturday, 2016 after which time any remaining slots will be available to the public. $60 deposit will be deducted from the total price of the conversion. Fabric and order forms for this round of slots are due in Roanoke, VA by July 20, 2016.

Name *
I am a rule follower *
One entry per person. Entries due by Friday, 8 am ET. $60 non-refundable deposit due by Saturday, 8 am ET. Fabric and order form due by July 20, 2016.
My fingers are crossed *


How Do I Breastfeed in an ObiMama?

Welcome to the first installation of our blog series entitled, “How do I ______ in an ObiMama?”

This week, we will tackle the pesky question of, "How do I breastfeed in an ObiMama meitai?" As a babywearing educator, this is one of the requests for help I get most often, and the look of accomplishment on a mom’s face when she finally gets the perfect hands free latch can’t be beat.
First thing's first- we must discuss fashion. Not in the "polka dots and stripes" way, but in an "easy access to the goods" way. There are a few options here: a nice low cut top can simply be pulled down and out of the way. Another good choice is a regular top with a tank underneath, so you can pull the top shirt up while the tank stays put, leaving you a little more covered. There are also lots of specialty nursing tops, but they tend to be pretty expensive and I, for myself, generally prefer the look of regular clothes. Save yourself some money to buy more ObiMamas! It’s helpful to get your clothes situated before you start moving your baby around. You will still be covered enough by your baby and the body of the carrier, so let it all hang out to prepare for feeding.

On to the good part- obviously you will need to start with a front carry. If you are still working on this, there is a great photo tutorial here. It’s a smart idea to practice this at home a bit, with a happy baby, so you aren’t winging it in the frozen food aisle with a hangry baby strapped to your front. I’ve been there and it’s unpleasant. Begin the process by loosening up the knot of your shoulder straps only. You won’t even need to untie the knot all the way. Once you’ve loosened the knot, simply bounce and shimmy until the baby’s head is low enough to feed and re-tighten the knot. You may need to loosen and bounce a few times depending on a lot of factors like baby size, breast size, and how high of a carry you started with. This is where the at home practice comes in handy. The first few times you try this you, may find your baby needs more help than normal to get and maintain a good latch because of the change of position, but with a bit of practice, you’ll both become pros. I’ve found putting a hand in through the side of the carrier to assist is comfortable for everyone. Depending on your shape, you may find it helpful to prop up your breast on your bra or top, especially for a smaller baby. You can also use the ObiMama hood to give your baby a little more privacy.

This is me nursing on a cave adventure. My t-shirt is pulled up, leaving a tank top down. My daughter is about 7 months old in this photo and we are wearing a handwoven SS1 ObiMama WCMT.

This is me nursing on a cave adventure. My t-shirt is pulled up, leaving a tank top down. My daughter is about 7 months old in this photo and we are wearing a handwoven SS1 ObiMama WCMT.

A whole new level of parenting is opened up when you no longer need to plan outings around nap or feeding times. Go on an adventure with your new knowledge, and be sure to give a wink and nod if you happen upon another mother nursing on the go. You may even find yourself in a cave 160ft below ground like I did! If you still have questions, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to try to trouble shoot with you. If you have a picture to share, leave it in a comment for a virtual high-five.

It should be noted that ObiMama loves feeding babies in all the ways it happens. A well-fed baby is a happy one, and who can resist those smooshy baby rolls? I’m not intentionally leaving out those that use bottles (you rock too!) there is just a different difficulty involved with breastfeeding on the go.



Style My ObiMama: Rainy Day ObiMama

Considering the weather we have been having in good ol Houston Texas seems only fitting to style this Obi for some pouring rain. The wrap used on this stunning conversion is Ankalia Mariana Icarus and here are a few of my favorite things for a rainy day.

1. How cute is this kitty umbrella? Does it even need an introduction?
2. Kat Von D Waterproof Tattoo Liner is my go to daily eyeliner. Clings to my face like a toddler. Look no further because this is your girl.
3. This Totoro T-shirt is adorable and casual. I don't think anyone has worn the umbrella better 🙌🏻.
4. Better Than Sex waterproof mascara. Need I say more?
5.The Jujube Be Light diaper bag is lightweight and fast drying. Very easy to clean and holds all the necessities. They come in many colors and patterns to match your whole wardrobe.
6. Joules rain boots are adorable and functional!
7. My Sky clear rain coat is sleek and stylish and matches no matter what you're wearing 🎉.
8. Lularoe umbrella leggings. Seriously though, I just don't wear pants anymore. Leggings are life and these in particular are magical in all their buttery goodness.


- Jessica

ObiMama Selfie Challenge

Team Obi issued a challenge to fellow ObiMama wearers: take a selfie! We opened up a challenge that had 10 categories for your selfies. By participating, you had the chance to win a Stalk Free Pass to an ObiMama custom slot! These mamas featured here followed all the rules for the challenge and were voted best in their category of entry.

Meet the Selfie-Pros:

Category: Kissing  

Category: Kissing


The wrap is called Oscha Paradise Erraid and I bought it very recently from a super sweet mama. The picture was taken in Barcelona, in front of a graffiti which the city is well known by. I just loved the colours and love my baby!   - Clara Esobar



Category: Bum Shot

This was taken with the gorgeous visiting Meeyoo Koru Bleu weft ObiMama, courtesy of the owners/weavers of Meeyoo: Cameo and Angel.  -Crystalyn Vana

Category: Multi-tasking

Category: Multi-tasking

Jen converted Oscha's Victoria Rei for my squish's SS1 and was ready for him before he was born. We've used it as early as when he was about a month old! My daughter and I modeled this wrap with Jax in our belly and was delighted to be able to make it into an Obi for him. As for the task in that picture, a mama's gotta eat and sometimes baby can't eat THAT! That was my fave spicy chewy noodles from a Korean restaurant. I would have had him on my back, but I was so hungry that I just ate, lol! Come to think of it that picture came out looking like I was eating brains, which I'm cool with! I'm a huge zombie fan! I may need to use them for my costume this year!  -Yun Yi


Category: Sleepy Dust

Category: Sleepy Dust




It's a "vintage" custom Obimama from 2012. Made from a bamboo blend Natibaby Rivea, and has a custom embroidery design on the hood inspired by The Great Wave. I ordered it for my Baby #2, used it for occasional uppies for Baby #1, Baby #3 is pictured in the photo, and it's still a well loved part of my stash for 7 month old Baby #4!
- Christina Esler Pitts


Category: Knot Shot

Category: Knot Shot

The wrap in the photo is Meeyoo Tomo.  The wrap has special meaning to me because I won the right to name the wrap and its partner, Ami, in a naming contest that Meeyoo ran.  Tomo is short for Tomodachi, which means Friendship in Japanese. Ami is short for Amicizia, which means Friendship in Italian. Tomo + Ami were names submitted by an East Coast mama of Italian/Irish/English descent and a West Coast mama of Japanese descent, whose paths would likely never have crossed if it weren’t for babywearing, but who now share a friendship that will last through it all.   I own full length wraps of both Tomo + Ami, now that my friend is done babywearing, but this particular Tomo was sent traveling to me as a visitor from another sweet friend!

- Tracie Larson

Category: Not Mommy

Category: Not Mommy


The one that won is an Argus Pyrite conversion that was made by Jen. My 4 yr old loves to wrap & I'm happy my babywearing interest wore off on her. I only started babywearing when her little sister came along and she was more interested in walking than being up. She just returned from her overseas trip, to which she brought her babywearing gears along (her mini Obi was one of them). 

- Ana Ad IvoRee


Category: Bad Outtake

Category: Bad Outtake



This selfie caught a funny moment at a babywearing meet up. Libby, and her younger son, Abel Gray, were trying out a special ObiMama made out of Kokoro Coco Lipstick. Find Libby on Instagram at and for lots of babywearing photos and reviews, and of course to find out what special ObiMama she will choose to make with her SFP win. 

- Libby Henderson


Category: Candid

Category: Candid

This is a quick image I snapped of my daughter and I after a long week! I had been unexpectedly working all day. I was still in my nightgown in the middle of the afternoon and we were both under the weather. A new Obi had just arrived in the mail and I was excited to try it, but my little was not feeling it! I offered her a treat if we could have ups together and she accepted. Once she was up, it was less about that lollipop and all about sweet hugs, kisses, and snuggles. Babywearing brought us peace in that hectic day, as it often does, and this selfie is a very real moment of motherhood for me! So thankful for the connection that Babywearing (and ObiMama!)             has helped facilitate with my girl!  - Katie Ocampos

Category: Outdoors

Category: Outdoors

So the wrap used in my photo was a OOAK custom from West4th, their "green teaching wrap" called "guide" but woven with a blue flax weft. My kiddos and I spend tons of time outside- it's how I keep myself (somewhat) sane. We are so lucky we have lived in so many beautiful places- having access to the outdoors is a huge priority for our family. So whenever possible, we get out into the woods or hills or riverside trails and explore and share in mother natures glory. My daughter of course still loves any opportunity for a ride on mamas back- and this crazy comfy and supportive TS2 is perfect for our adventures around Vermont.  - Rebecca Snow

Category: Favorite Carry

Category: Favorite Carry

The wrap used for the conversion was Uppymama Celestial, blue cotton weft. It's amazing! This is my favorite carry because the Lexi Twist gives extra support when wearing toddlers and bigger babies. Besides it also looks really cool! This photo was taken in Washington DC at the tidal basin -- which is surrounded by cherry blossoms. When they're in peak bloom it is craaaazy crowded, and our ObiMama allowed us both to enjoy the blossoms and people watching without worrying if my very adventurous toddler was going to run off exploring!  - Amy Elledge

We received such great feedback from both our Facebook group and Instagram following and Team Obi absolutely adored each and every one of the photos you dared to share with us. From all of us here at Team Obi- thank you and we love you so much for carrying your babes in these carriers crafted with so much love.

With all our hearts,
Team Obi


Style My ObiMama: Everyday Must Haves

Everyone has their everyday babywearing vices or regular mom style. These are a few of my favorite things and must haves.

Featured ObiMama WCMT: Kokoro Textiles' Falko Dreamer

1. H & M white top. H & M has adorable clothing at affordable prices. Trendy and comfortable.
2. Hair bands. These hair ties LIVE on my wrists. They're soft and come in many colors, ready for a quick up do to keep hair away from baby claws.
3. Ray Ban. Trendy frames and a well known brand. My go to sunglasses for years.
4. Lularoe leggings. These leggings are butter soft! They're fun to collect, just like high end wraps and carriers, with trendy prints to boot.
5. Silver Seedling. Hate your baby T-Rexing your skin and hair? This is the solution! Babies love shiny things 😉. Sturdy and stylish.
6. Jeffree Star lippie. My holy grail of lipsticks. Lasts through food, drinks and baby smacks to the face. One application can make you look like you might have actually tried to put yourself together for the day. Got it on your carrier? No big deal! Buncha Farmers stain stick can get it right out. Vegan and cruelty free.
7. Sailor Moon selfie stick. Got baby arms? Get a selfie stick! Perfect for documenting that new finish and folds up small enough to fit in the diaper bag.
8. Vans. Fun prints and comfortable for days. My go to tennis shoes for everyday.
9. Jujube BFF. These diaper bags can hold all your secrets. There are pockets for everything and perfect for babywearing with their handy backpack straps.

- Jessica

Colour with ObiMama

With the trend of adult colouring books being at the height of its popularity, I thought it would be fun to create an ObiMama colouring page for you guys. I've been hearing all about adult colouring and the benefits of it: decreasing stress, helping evoke emotions you felt at a simpler time in your life (like childhood),  focusing the brain and calming anxiety. I really wanted to do something for the wonderful community that ObiMama encompasses.

When you’ve printed it out and coloured it (or perhaps your littles did), please tag us on Instagram using #TeamObiMama. We’d love to see your creations!

The preview is below and you can download the PDF ready for printing here. Happy coloring!
- Melissa


How Can I Tie my ObiMama Mei Tai? Let Me Count the Ways!

I have for you today, 7 of the many different ways to tie your shoulder straps in a back carry.  If these carries are new to you, please attempt these carries with caution. Use a spotter or work over a soft surface.  Also, remember all body types are different and so some carries might not work or feel comfortable for you, that is ok! That is why there are so many ways!  Featured in this post is the beautiful Ankalia wrap, Mako.  This delicious ObiMama is a SS1 with medium waist and medium kombi straps.  Wearer is size M/L and 5’10”, for reference.  Please forgive any untidy tightening, this conversion is brand new and still slightly crispy. 

Back Pack Carry Tied at Waist

Back Pack Carry Tied at Waist

Standard Back Pack Carry Tied at Waist

This is your standard way to use a mei tai.  Once baby is settled in, one strap at a time, bring the shoulder strap straight down, over baby’s leg and then under the other.  Once you have both straps in front, simply tie at the waist. I have the shoulder spread, but you do not need to spread them if you prefer not to. There is beauty in simplicity, never forget!

Knotless (with passes spread)

Knotless (with passes spread)

Knotless With Passes Spread

This is another commonly used, comfortable carry.  Once baby is settled in, one strap at a time, take the strap straight down, over baby’s leg and then under the other.  When you have the strap in front, cross it to the opposite side of your body.  Pull the strap up to your shoulder and put it OVER the ruck strap and pull it under.  Repeat with opposite strap.  Once the passes are secure, spread them out over your chest to your liking.  Use your best judgement with this one. If you are constantly tightening, then your wrap straps may be too slippery for this and there are better carries to use.

Knotless (unspread, under chest)

Knotless (unspread, under chest)

Knotless Unspread, Under Chest

This can be a comfortable option if you like knotless finish but don’t want the passes over your chest.  Once baby is settled in, one strap at a time, take the strap straight down, over baby’s leg and then under the other.  When you have the strap in front, cross it to the opposite side of your body.  Pull the strap to the ruck strap under your chest, put it OVER the ruck strap and pull it under. Repeat with the other strap.  Again, use your best judgement with this one. If you are constantly tightening, then your wrap straps may be too slippery for this and there are better carries to use.

Tibetan (passes spread)

Tibetan (passes spread)

Tibetan Passes Spread

This is another secure comfortable carry. Once baby is settled in, one strap at a time, take the strap straight down, over baby’s leg and then under the other.  When you have the strap in front, cross it to the opposite side of your body.  Pull the strap up to your shoulder and put it UNDER the ruck strap and pull it through.  Be sure to maintain tension, pinning it under your chin while you do the other side. Once both straps are through the ruck straps, bring them in front and tie in a double knot.  If desired, spread the passes.




This is not my favourite carry, simply because it doesn’t suit my body type.  As you can see, I do not recommend this carry for small busted women, as it may ride down.  But if you’ve got the goods, it is a very pretty and fun carry, I encourage you to try and decide how you like it!  You will need a sling ring for this carry. A medium ring works well with most straps, but I have used a large in this picture.  Always use authentic rings with no weld spots, as they could break!  Once baby is settled in, one strap at a time, take the strap straight down, over baby’s leg and then under the other.  When you have both straps in front, pin one strap between your knees.  Run the other strap through the ring, then place the ring in the center of your chest where you would like it to be when you are finished. Hold the ring in place while pulling the strap into a knotless finish (OVER the ruck strap, and then under).  Take the other strap from between your knees, bring it to the ring, thread it under and over and tie in knotless finish.  Now that your straps are secure you can spread the passes until you have achieved the look you desire!

Chest Belt

Chest Belt

Chest Belt

This carry avoids the chest all together.  If you are sore from nursing, this is a good, secure option.  And even if you are not sore, this is still a wonderful carry! Once baby is settled in, take both shoulder straps over your shoulders and tie one knot (make sure it is not too snug, so that it rides up your neck). Then bring the straps down, one at a time, over baby’s leg and under the other.  When the straps are both in front, simply tie at the waist.

Sternum Strap

Sternum Strap

Sternum Strap

I like this carry, it suits my body type.  If I am feeling fancy, this is my go to.  Once baby is settled in, take both shoulder straps over your shoulders and bring them in front of you.  Start twisting the straps together, but do not start too close to your neck, as it will become uncomfortable.  Twists downwards until you have reached the length you like, ideally right under your bust line.  Then, one at a time, take the strap over baby’s leg and under the other.  When you have both straps in front, simply tie in a knot at the waist.

These are a sampling of the many ways to tie your shoulder straps. 

A pinnacle of the mei tai is it’s versatility, as you can see here.  Many ways, to suit many needs.  This may seem overwhelming, but if your child is happy on your back, you do not need to take him/her down to try new carries.  Just undo the straps and re-tie them in a new way!  Stay tuned for more fun ways to play with your ObiMama Mei Tai!  Follow the ObiMama YouTube channel for future tutorial updates!

Until then Mama’s (and Papa’s), stay gorgeous in your ObiMama and snuggle those babies fiercely.

Special thanks to Marley @prairie.rebel  for the photography!

ObiMama: A Story of Our First Date

So I've been a wrapper for the entirety of my son's life. I've lurked on the buy/sell/trade pages, casually asking people to take pictures of themselves wrapped in fabric and complimenting their chest passes... That looks a lot weirder when written down...

Through my travels from group to group, I stumbled across a hybrid creature- part wrap, part hug. I purchased my first ObiMama after searching for the perfect one made from the perfect wrap. It traveled across the United States from a friend I made through the babywearing world. I stalked and tracked like a crazed woman. It arrived in an abnormally large box, but considering it came from a friend, I figured she probably smuggled some goodies as she usually does. After shredding the box, I find the surprise gift: a bag of southern biscuits. *Whispers* "yassssss." She knows me well!

Now, onto the gold. I pulled out the goods and was immediately in awe of the craftsmanship. It's flawless. Every seam. Every pleat. Every line. I'm convinced Jen is not human. Anywho, moving on! The waistband and neck rest are wonderfully padded for comfort. The wrap used for the conversion, Kokoro Mon Cheri Disco, is swarming with chubby little kawaii cherries. My favorite part? The Kombi straps: Padded to perfection. Accordion style fabric tucked behind. Reminds me of little bat wings to hug your shoulders. I strapped it around my waist and captured my little snowflake. He gave me a slight side eye because... This is different... Holy comfort!

He reached up giggling and stroked my face. He approves of mommy's new contraption. Nestling his head under my chin, I feel him start to breath heavier while twiddling my necklace between his tiny fingers.

This moment is everything.
This moment is brought to you by: ObiMama
- Jessica @jesskawaii


In response to our job post, ObiMama has brought on a team of nine fascinating and inspiring mothers to help us grow with you! With the welcoming of these talented baby wearing ladies, we’ll be innovating more ways to get you more content and have more fun with us. Meet the team!


I'm Adriane. I'm 32 and we are a military family with four children currently in Charlottesville, VA. I like to read, explore, craft and bake. I've been a fan since 2011 and came to ObiMama with my second baby. I was looking for something a little quicker/easier than a wrap that both my husband and I would be comfortable in. I tried just about every carrier on the market at the time. I hated them all and my husband just never felt comfortable in any of my beautiful wraps. ObiMama was the perfect combination of everything I loved about wraps and everything he loved about the SSCs.


Melissa Charpetier.jpg

My name is Melissa. I have a 2 year old son and I am wife to a husband that works 'beyond the wall' up North in Canada (Oh hey, you game of throne fans- I see you)! I spend half the year parenting solo while my husband is away. I balance motherhood while staying true to my artist roots. I'm a freelance illustrator, passionate about babywearing and so thrilled to be a part of the new ObiMama team. My son Ryland is the king of picky and when I finally got my hands on an ObiMama, it was like something clicked for him and we both fell in love hard. I'm excited to share this journey of motherhood, babywearing, and all around geekiness with you, and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.



I'm Colleen. I am a wife, mother to 5 young children, and WAHM in accounting/finance, living up in Alberta, Canada! ObiMama has drawn all my attention because it truly is an exceptional carrier, helping keep the littles stylishly and comfortably close as needed. The charm, wit, and integrity of the brand has me hooked, and I'm honoured to be part of the Team!




I'm Amanda, mother of 5, living in Texas. I am currently actively wearing my 25 month old. He is a seat popping professional and how I found the obi love. ObiMama allowed me to keep the beautiful wraps I was so accustomed to while allowing me the ease and convenience of a more structured carrier. As my babywearing days die down I hope to continue helping other moms with their journeys, very excited to be apart of team obi and for all the amazing things to come!

Jessica Hughes.jpg


My name is Jessica. I’m 28, a mother of 2, and reside in Houston, Texas. I’m a skilled daydreamer. I enjoy art, fashion, and interior decorating. The first time I saw an ObiMama, there was just something about the way it molded to babies perfectly. Almost like they were giving them hugs to let them know they were safe. The lines and symmetry were very appealing: Sleek. Beautiful. A fashion statement. All the while being something so dear to a mother.


Kim Kruse.jpg

I'm Kim, 40 (gulp), and the mom of two boys. We live in Gainesville, FL. I fell in love with ObiMama in 2013 when my eldest and I were learning to babywear. He has a wiggly seat popper, and our Obi saved our babywearing relationship.



My name is Dorothy Joy, often shortened to Dorothy or DJ. I’m 23, married, and a SAHM of two children and two German Shepherds. Our family just left the military and recently moved to Vermont to start our journey as civilians, and work towards our family dream of homesteading. I enjoy languages, literature, and film photography (babywearing being a given), and am currently studying to be a postpartum doula and herbalist. I first stumbled upon ObiMama when I saw the owner of a textile company share her WCMT. I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of ObiMama’s mei tais, and I can’t express enough how incredibly excited I am to be a part of this team!


I'm Kristin. I live in Ohio with my hubby and our 3 year old twins and 5 Month old. I'm a SAHM during the week, and a labor, delivery, postpartum nurse some weekends! I stumbled into obi's about 2 years ago with a vice versa Cuervo obi that was the magic sleepy dust that never failed to put my daughter to sleep. They're still holding true for me with my new baby, letting him nap and me be comfortable while wearing him!



I'm Sara, 27, and from Virginia. I have 2 littles with one on the way. I fell in love with Obi shortly after having my first. The attention to detail is unmatched. The perfect combination of ease of use and versatility makes it my go to carrier. I'm beyond excited to be a part of Team Obi.