How To Use Your ObiMama Meh dai (mei Tai) Baby Carrier Accessories

Using And Adjusting The Sleep Hood

Frequently parents find that babies sleep longer and better in a carrier than alone in a bed. The movement and noise of a nap on the go may help babies to differentiate between daytime sleep and nighttime sleep. When your baby stirs after a 15-minute snooze you will sense this immediately and be there to soothe him back to sleep.

When your baby wakes wet or hungry or quiet alert, you will know it before he makes a peep. When your child is asleep in a carrier, it is still vitally important to monitor their breathing and positioning. If you use the sleep hood to support your baby’s head during a nap, verify that your baby can still get fresh air and that his airways are clear. The sleep hood can also be used to protect baby from excess sun, wind, and rain.